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2016. július 1-től a CEIA (Construzioni Elettroniche Industriali Automatismi) S.p.A. indukciós hevítés-olvasztás-edzés üzletágának magyarországi képviselője a Trafó Kft.


Várjuk megkereséseiket, magyar és olasz mérnök kollégákkal igyekszünk megtalálni Önöknek a legjobb technikai, technológiai megoldást, valamint termékeink közül az ehhez szükséges leghatékonyabb műszaki eszközt is.

Kérjenek tőlünk ajánlatot, szakmai segítséget a gyártási folyamatok optimalizálásának és a hatékonyság növelésének érdekében!

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For more than 40 years CEIA has been working on the design and manufacture of no-contact Induction Heating Devices for metal treatment. High and medium-frequency generators, control units, optical sensors for measuring temperature and automatic solder-alloy wire supply devices make up the line of products known as the Power Cube Family, which are ideal for industrial processes of heat treatment and braze welding.
CEIA’s unique technological solutions allow the manufacturing of power equipment with compact size, extremely high-energy efficiency and long-term reliability.
The high performance they offer contributes to the widespread use of CEIA systems in the most important industrial fields, where they have received the approval of end users and final-product manufacturers.

CEIA’s induction heating systems are currently applied in different industries. Thanks to the extremely high energy efficiency, guaranteed reliability in time and reduced overall size, CEIA Induction Generators, Control Units and Optical Pyrometers are complemented by all the main automatic machine manufacturers (OEM), and have been used successfully in all those applications where the process repeatability, the constant power supply, and the accurate temperature control are essential.


Hard Brazing

CEIA generators are particularly suitable for all solder-brazing applications of steel, copper, inox, aluminum items and other metallic alloys.

Tin Soldering

Specialized control units can manage all the soldering working phases and accomplish a closed-loop control system that allows all the soldering parameters set by the operator to be respected.

Tool Brazing

CEIA devices, thanks to the power output and to the extremely accurate temperature control, allow the heating to be limited to the soldering area only, thus safeguarding the metallurgical properties of the hard metal and cutting tip.

Heating Treatment

CEIA generators perfectly adapt to hardening applications, surfacing hardening, annealing. The area and the heating depth depend in fact on the coil geometry and on the exposure time to the magnetic field.

Aluminum Brazing

The aluminum brazing applications are particularly critical because the melting temperature of the brazing alloy is quite close to the melting temperature of the aluminum itself.

Cap Sealing

High frequency devices, series 900, therefore, are extremely suitable for cap-sealing applications, where the speed, precision and repeatability of the heating are basic peculiarities.

Warm Forming

Electromagnetic inspection is the most suitable and quickest method for checking non-metallic cargo.

Induction curing

The main advantages of using our systems are remarkable. The process repeatability, the constant power output, the possibility of locating the heating area of interest, the accurate temperature control, help to speed up production, save energy and facilitate the quality control of the finished product.

Shrink fitting

It is a common technique in industries and mechanical workshops for assembly and disassembly of mechanical components and transmission units. This method involves the use of heat and thermal expansion phenomenon to overcome the dimensional interference of two components and create an extremely strong mechanical coupling between two parts.



Power Cube SA/80 Series

Power Cube SA/80 Series

Series 900 Generators

Series 900 Generators

Series 200 Generators

Series 200 Generators

Series 50 Generators

Series 50 Generators

TPC Series

TPC Series


Heating Heads

  • HH10
  • HH11
  • HH12
  • HH13
  • HH14
  • HH15
  • HH16
  • HH17
  • HH17C
  • HH18
  • HH19
  • PWH-2500
  • PWH-5000
  • PWH-1250


Control Units

Master Controller v3+

Master Controller v3+


Net Master Controller

Temperature sensors



Monitoring software

Power Cube Assistant


WF Series

SG Series

Positioning Bases